Fast Defrosting Tray

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Do you have to wait a long time for defrosting your meat?

Good News! We got you cover.

Introducing You This Amazing Defrost Tray.

Freezing food is great for keeping it fresh, but all we're all familiar with the feeling of having forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer... then hurriedly defrosting it in the microwave (cooking the edges at the same time).

Bringing science to your kitchen, this Meat Tray provides a solution for your last-minute defrosting frustration. The easy-to-clean, environmentally-friendly thawing plate - made from non-toxic aluminum - achieves a high-speed heat exchange.

The King Defroster Tray can Defrost your frozen meat up to 10X faster than at room temperature quickly & naturally! The defrosting tray uses no electricity or chemicals to quickly thaw your meat. It makes food prep quick, easy, and convenient!

Helps you defrost Fish, Meat, poultry or anything else that's frozen. Thawing times will vary depending on the thickness of the meat but on average it will take between 10 and 40 minutes

For a Quick test Place an ice cube onto the defrost tray and another onto a normal household plate, watch as the ice cube on the Defrost Tray melts before your eyes!


  • Easy And Simple To Clean Dishwasher Safe: King Defroster Tray has a non- stick surface making it very simple and easy to clean. The tray dimensions are 9 inches long and 6.5 inches wide which is small enough to fit in a dishwasher. It is made out of special aluminum which gives it the ability to draw cold from frozen food in minutes. As always, use precautions when handling raw meat
  • Convenient And User-Friendly: King Defroster Tray will defrost food safely right on your countertop making it extremely convenient. This tray will help you defrost any frozen food much quicker than leaving in the fridge which can take 24hrs to fully defrost compared to 10 hours of easy defrosting. Leaving meat out at room temperature for long periods is also unhygienic, allowing bacteria to spread


Simply place the defrost tray on your kitchen counter and add your frozen food to the top.