Printed Medical Self Adhesive Elastic Bandage

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  • EASY-TO-USE SELF ADHERING BANDAGE WRAPS: With no help from pins and clips, our cohesive bandage wraps will give excellent support by firmly sticking to itself, not to your skin. These self adherent bandages are perfect for urgent care as they compress the affected area until you get the care you need. Because of the top-grade material of this self stick wrap bandage, our self adhesive elastic bandages won't even adhere to the hair so removing this wrap tape is a breeze!
  • COMFY & FLEXIBLE BANDAGE WRAPS: As our self adherent cohesive wrap tape promote healing. This stretchy bandage wrap also gives you the comfort you need. With incredibly soft and breathable fabric used for our non woven stretch bandages, the affected body part will get enough support while giving you a pliable and comfortable stretch. Our flexible self adhesive bandages will make sure that your body remains protected while you move with less pain.